A Solihull five-year-old has supported a children’s cancer charity by having her long hair cut

Ruby Mander has donated her curly tresses to Little Princess Trust which provides wigs to children who have undergone chemotherapy.

Together with over £1,000 raised through the sponsored trim at Birmingham’s Puro Hair, three children will benefit from Ruby’s kind cut.

Proud mom Rebecca said: “Ruby was fantastic. After it was over, she said, ‘I feel lovely inside’. I told her that’s what happens when you do something nice.”

Ruby was given the scissors-treatment by Puro’s “curly hair specialist” Matt James. The lopped tresses measure from seven-and-a-half inches to just under a foot. Little Princess only accepts hair over six inches.

Rebecca, aged 40, added: “Ruby has beautiful curly, blonde hair and I told her about the charity. She was really pleased about doing it. Her hair did reach to the middle of her back, but now it’s just below her ears. She loves the new style. Infact, she likes it more because it’s more manageable. People we don’t know have donated and I think it’s because a five-year-old has done this. One of the pupils in Year Two, Poppy, did jobs at her house to get money to donate.”

Ruby’s 11-year-old brother, Joshua, has also donated his pocket money.

If you would like to make a donation, go to: www.justgiving.com/RubyMander.

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