Chelmsley Wood kids’ football coach freed from road rage jail sentence

A kids’ football coach who punched a woman in the face during a road rage attack has been freed from jail by appeal court judges.

Benjamin Andrew Williams, 29, damaged a couple’s car whilst “impatiently” overtaking them on the inside lane of a dual carriageway.

He then lost his temper and attacked the parents in front of their terrified children, when they stopped to exchange details.

After punching the mum and grappling with the dad, Williams drove down the road as the man clung to his bonnet in a bid to stop him getting away.

Williams, of Guernsey Drive, Chelmsley Wood, was jailed for 10 months at Birmingham Crown Court in December last year.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of dangerous driving and one of assault by beating.

But Sir Brian Leveson, sitting at London’s Criminal Appeal Court, has cut that to six months.

The ruling means Williams is now eligible for immediate release on home detention curfew.

The court heard Williams had a “tussle” with dad-of-two Leon Clarke by the side of the road. He then punched his partner Gemma Christopher in the face, on Collector Road, in April last year.

The couple’s horrified kids, aged two and four, looked on from the back of the family car.

Williams then drove his vehicle into Mr Clarke’s lower legs and left him clinging to his bonnet.

Miss Christopher later said: “I don’t think the children will ever want to get into a car again.”

Lawyers for Williams told the court he had “shown a great deal of remorse” and admitted to a probation officer that “his actions were uncalled for.”

The court was also told that Williams had a chance of returning to his job if the appeal judges showed him mercy.

Sir Brian, sitting with Mrs Justice McGowan and Judge Sarah Munro QC, agreed to cut Williams’ sentence, but he told the court: “This was an act of road rage involving deliberate and impatient bad driving.

“He punched a woman and drove in such a way that somebody ended up on his bonnet. These offences happened in front of two young children.

“Road rage is a serious concern to all those who occupy the roads of this country.”

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