Man accused of murder drank 25 cans of Carling a day’ jury told

A man accused of stabbing his girlfriend to death at their Solihull flat regularly drank more than 25 cans of lager a day, a court heard.

Clarke Dean revealed his drinking habit as he told a jury he could not remember knifing Michelle Giles and cutting her throat in August 2013.

Jurors heard there was no dispute that she died at Dean’s hands – but the issue was whether he was guilty of manslaughter rather than murder because of his alcohol dependancy.

Warwick Crown Court heard the 48-year-old told a neighbour what he had done after killing Miss Giles, his partner of more than 20 years, at their home in Anchor Lane.

He then called 999 and told the operator: “I’ve cut her throat and stabbed her.

“I need the police. I’ve cut her throat and stabbed her.”

Dean, 48, has denied murder.

Questioned by his barrister David Aaronberg QC, he said he had started drinking when he was 14 or 15, and “couldn’t get enough of it” following the death of his father when he was 19.

He confirmed it would not be unusual for him to drink 25 or more cans of Carling a day.

Dean said he had lost jobs and ended up in hospital because of alcohol, but had not had a drink since being remanded in custody following his arrest.

He said Miss Giles had stuck by him until about five weeks before her death, when they began sleeping in separate bedrooms.

“She had had enough, but I couldn’t see what was going to happen, unfortunately,” Dean said.

“Out of the blue Michelle came into the living room.

“She stood there and said: ‘Clarke, I can’t go on any more.’

“She slumped down into one of the sofas and started blarting.

“She said she couldn’t cope with the amount of drinking and me going back and forth to hospital caused by the drinking.

“I asked her to give me another chance, but she said: ‘I can’t do it’.”

Asked if, since being remanded in custody, he had tried to remember how Miss Giles had died, Dean answered: “I have, yes.

“I’ve spent 12 months thinking about it.”


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