Parents fined for children’s absence from school

Four parents of children who attend school in Solihull have been fined for failing to ensure their child’s school attendance.

All four pleaded guilty at Birmingham Magistrates Court on Wednesday 24th September 2014.

Both parents of a 15-year-old pupil were fined for a total of 76 unauthorised school absences for the period between 3rd March 2014 and 14th July 2014. The outcome was a £135 fine, £150 costs and a £20 victim surcharge, totalling £305 for each parent.

The second child’s twenty unauthorised absences spanned from 2nd June 2014 to 11th July 2014. The parent was fined £75, was ordered to pay £75 towards costs as well as a £20 victim surcharge; making it a total fine of £170.

Another parent was fined for their child’s non-attendance of 36 school sessions between 2nd June 2014 and 15th July 2014. The parent was fined £400 and was ordered to pay £326 in costs as well as a victim surcharge of £40; amounting to a total sum of £766.

For more information about truancy and unauthorised absences from school, visit Solihull Council’s website:

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