Unsafe jewellery seized by Solihull Council

A consignment of jewellery which arrived into Birmingham Airport has been seized by Solihull Council’s Trading Standards officers after tests revealed it contained harmful substances.

They were alerted to potentially unsafe goods coming from China by border authorities so officers intercepted the consignment to investigate.

Documents accompanying the jewellery suggested it was very cheap – 10 US cents for eight pairs of earrings – so officers took a sample of the jewellery and sent it away for testing. In particular for lead, cadmium and nickel as these metals can be harmful to health in excessive quantities.

The results showed that the jewellery (643 packets including roughly 2,770 pairs of earrings) contained an excessive level of nickel.

Councillor Alison Rolf, Cabinet Member for Stronger Communities & Partnerships, said: “Importing goods from abroad has become more common in recent years with the rise of internet shopping and it’s crucial we ensure any items entering the borough are safe.

“This is a great example of organisations working together to prevent dangerous products from coming into the marketplace, thus protecting people from harm.”

The jewellery will be sent away for destruction.