Consultation has been extended for Solihull Gateway project

Residents and visitors to Solihull will have another opportunity to discuss the Solihull Gateway project with Council officers following two recent consultation events.

Solihull Council’s transport officers will be running an event at Solihull Central Library from 11.00am – 3.00pm on Monday 10th February.

The consultation deadline has also been extended until 24th February 2014.

Shoppers, workers, town centre stakeholders and visitors are being invited to go along and ask questions, as well as completing the consultation questionnaire.

The changes proposed include:

• Making more space for buses & improved passenger facilities

• More pedestrian crossing points

• Re-designing the main pedestrian crossing area at the junction with the High Street to give increased priority to pedestrians

• The introduction of a central ‘median strip’ to aid pedestrian crossing & reduce vehicle speeds

• Removal, replacement and/or refurbishment of street furniture to enhance the streetscape

• Repaving of the footways using higher quality materials

• Installing gateways at the entry to the project area to discourage unauthorised vehicles from entering the area & encourage lower traffic speeds

• Extended 20mph zone

• Road narrowing alongside footway widening to give more space for pedestrians & for other street activities

The £1.8m scheme is being developed in partnership with Centro – the region’s public transport body. Funding options are being finalised with potential funding sources including a Local Transport Plan, the Government funded Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) Smart Network, Smarter Choices scheme (which aims to cut carbon, boost the economy and connect residents to jobs) the Transforming Bus Travel programme and the GBSLEP Growing Places Fund.

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