Poorly hedgehog stolen from rescue centre in Solihull

STOLEN: A sick hedgehog has been stolen from a hedgehog rescue centre in Solihull. Please read the full details below.

If you have any information please contact Happyhogs directly or call the police on 101. Please SHARE this appeal.

This is what Happyhogs Rescue Centre in Solihull had to say:

Devastated and fuming doesn’t even begin to describe how I’m feeling. Our beautiful Dill who I worked so hard to pull through was stolen last night. I am worried sick about him and what he has been stolen for.

The police cannot do anything but have suggested we get cctv. Please share this to try and get Dill returned, his treatment hadn’t finished. Also if you want to donate towards the cctv you can PayPal sally@happyhogsrescue.org.uk

He’d done so well from being hours away from death when he came in. Please let’s try to get him returned xxx