New Indian restaurant opens in the heart of Knowle

We are very proud to announce the opening of a new Indian restaurant in the heart of Knowle, Solihull, which was opened to the public by the Mayor of Solihull, Councillor Stuart Davis, on Tuesday 12th November 2019.

Abdul Shahid, General Manager of the new Daawat restaurant, stated: “I am proud to open this new business in the heart of Knowle and myself and my team look forward to becoming a part of the local community.

“Our dedicated chefs have over 50 years of experience between them in creating home style Bangladeshi cuisine, with a unique twist. We are an unlicensed restaurant, so you are more than welcome to bring your own alcohol as we welcome you to enjoy our taste of India and beyond.”

With such vast knowledge of Indian cuisine, Daawat invited Mayor of Solihull, Councillor Stuart Davis, to open the new restaurant and later served him some of the restaurants freshly cooked culinary delights.

Councillor Davis added: “Wishing the new Daawat Indian restaurant in Knowle all the very best in making a new contribution to Knowle’s night-time economy. Their extensive menu is to suit everybody’s taste in Indian/Bangladeshi cuisine.”

The Daawat business was founded in 2017 in Warwickshire and prides itself on its investment into high quality food with only the finest ingredients and spices used to create its unique and exotic dishes.

Now, we will be able to experience the full Indian culinary genius in their restaurant, situated on the corner of St Johns Close. Serving around 40 diners, Daawat is set to provide the Midlands and Knowle, in particular, with a fantastic new upmarket Indian dining venue.

For most Indian households, food is closely associated with many customs and beliefs, all of which form an inherent part of upbringing. Daawat is about a journey, to discover, to explore and to experience. It is about spirituality and actions.

Guests are now invited to explore the many regional styles of cooking that India has to offer, discovering the hidden flavour and aromas of individually prepared dishes from different regions.

Daawat doesn’t sell fast food, they serve fresh cooked food as fast as possible. With free home delivery within a 4 mile radius, unless you want a take out. Don’t forget to bring your own alcohol as the restaurant is not licenced, but does serve a range of hot and non-alcoholic beverages to accompany your meal.

So, why not come along and see what’s on offer for yourself or contact the team directly to start your amazing journey to India.

T:  01564 779 802


Just don’t forget to end what will be a journey to remember by adding a taxi from A2B Radio Cars Limited, Daawat’s chosen taxi provider.