Taxi robber who grabbed Christmas takings jailed for six years

A robber who grabbed a taxi driver by the throat before running off with his Christmas takings has been jailed for six years after police linked him to DNA from a glove he left behind in the cab.

Christopher Harris was found guilty at Birmingham Crown Court yesterday (29th September) for the robbery in Solihull two days before Christmas last year.

The court heard how Harris had picked up the cab in Chelmsley Avenue and asked the driver to take him to several supermarkets in Solihull – but when he pulled over in Conway Way, Chelmsley Wood, the 36-year-old grabbed the driver and threatened him into handing over £45 in takings.

In Harris’s escape, however, he accidentally dropped a glove and DNA was able to place him at the scene.

CCTV taken from a nearby newsagent showed Harris running away and, after his image was circulated on police systems, a local officer recognised him and checks revealed he was already behind bars for shoplifting.

Harris pleaded not guilty throughout the week-long trial but the damning evidence sealed his fate.

Detective Constable Tom Finch, from Solihull’s Investigation Team, said: “We are pleased with today’s sentencing. Harris will be behind bars for a long time and we hope this will bring closure for the victim.

“He subjected the victim to a nasty ordeal; during the fare he changed his route several times, obviously a stalling tactic as he was just waiting for the perfect time to commit the robbery.

“He will now serve six years for the robbery…which works out to roughly £7.50 for each year he will serve – and illustrates the old adage that crime doesn’t pay!

“Harris had no thoughts for anyone else and also implicated his parents by using them as his alibi – which was quickly disproved in court.”

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